After Party and Event Cleaning Service

Max Outsourcing offers affordable cleaning services in Dhaka. Max Outsourcing is a professional After Party & event cleaning company with 24/7 availability at competitive rates. Our cleaners provide superior results and we guarantee customer satisfaction 100%. You won’t be disappointed by our exceptional service!

After Party & Event Cleaning Services in Dhaka:

Are you looking for a professional cleaning service in Dhaka? Max Outsourcing is the leading provider of after-party and event cleaning services in Dhaka. Max Outsourcing provides both residential and commercial cleanings to ensure your space looks its best at all times. Our team of highly trained professionals will work around your schedule so that you can focus on what matters most. Whether it’s an office or home, we have got you covered!

Dhaka is a city that never sleeps. And with good reason! There is always something going on here – whether it’s a concert, trade show, or political rallies and more; But after all the excitement dies down, who’s responsible for cleaning up? Max Outsourcing is an expert in cleaning services, and we know how to do it all.

We all know that throwing a successful party is hard work, but cleaning up after one can be even harder! Party cleanup and event cleaning are essential services in Dhaka, and they’re always in high demand. Max Outsourcing offers a wide range of post-event cleaning services customized according to your needs and requirements. So don’t worry about the cleanup – let us take care of it! Just give us a call or send over an email – we’ll handle it.

Before & After Party Cleaning:

Looking to throw the perfect party but don’t have time to clean up afterward? Max Outsourcing provides professional before and after-party cleaning services that will make your home look amazing! We’ll take care of all the dirty work, so you can relax and enjoy your guests. 

The house cleaning service is a lot of work. Let us handle it for you so that we can offer our excellent performance and strong customer support!

After Party and Event Cleaning Service

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List of materials and Equipment included:

  • Absorbent kitchen cloths (for spills)
  • Microfibre cloth
  • Mop
  • Dustbuster or mini handheld brush and dustpan (for crumbs)
  • Paper towels 
  • All-purpose cleaner
  • Furniture cleaner
  • Large garbage bags
  • Broom and dustpan or vacuum cleaner

After Party Cleaning Checklist:

  • We pack up any leftovers and put them in the fridge. This will prevent ants and other pests from taking over your house while you sleep. It also avoids stinky odors.
  • We Grab a dishpan or other large container. We Walk around and place all the empty bottles, cans, plastic cups into it. We Separate these into the appropriate recycling bins.
  •  We Gather all the trash and put the bags outside and the same dishpan to collect any dirty dishes, glasses, serving utensils, and tableware. We Fill the dishwasher and run one load and Soak pans or dishes if needed in the sink.
  • Our Cleaner Check for spills on furniture, rugs, or the carpet and begin treating for stains.
  • Our Cleaner Runs a load of laundry with all the table linens, bathroom towels, and kitchen towels. We Transfer to the dryer afterward.
  • Our team Pours the toilet bowl cleaner into the toilet and leaves it while We complete other tasks.
  •  Lysol on the toilet seat, toilet handle, faucets. In addition to those areas, Our Cleaner sprays some door knobs throughout your home and We wipe off the light switches a little, as well.
  • Our Cleaner Wipes down the counters in the bathroom with a disinfectant suitable for the material they’re made of.
  • Kitchen cleanup and sanitizing (including inside/outside microwave)
  • We Wipe the kitchen Our team cleans countertops with cleaner used suitable for the material they’re made of.
  •  We Check wooden surfaces for damage from water rings and remove stains.
  • Our team uses Vacuum or sweep and mop to remove debris and sticky messes from your floor.
After event cleaning

After Event Cleaning Service:

Everyone enjoys spending a good time with friends and family during a party or any other event. There are two factors that are universally true about most people – they enjoy partying and all will be thrilled when the party is over. Max Outsourcing excellent event cleaning services can seamlessly bring cleanliness back into your home with their perfect service for any residential parties or events such as birthdays, family reunions, graduation parties etcetera. 

We have you covered with our one-stop cleaning service for all your requirements, whatever they may be at any time of day or night! Hire Max Outsourcing today if the spillage is what’s got you down in the dumps. Our AFTER PARTY & EVENT CLEANING procedure cleans every inch of space inside in order to make sure you don’t have a single speckle left behind! 

Our goal

The mission of our (Max Outsourcing) company is to provide all customers with the best quality cleaning services for residential and commercial requests. Our professional cleaners are dedicated to making life easier by ensuring that homes, offices, or stores meet every requirement so you can enjoy them without worry! It doesn’t matter how big or small an order is, because, at Cleaning Company Inc., customer satisfaction has always been a priority numero uno (after all–we’re here to help).

Why would you hire Max Outsourcing?

Max Outsourcing is a professional cleaning service company that specializes in after-party and event clean-up. Our team of cleaners will come to your house or venue to take care of all the dirty work, so you don’t have to worry about anything. From bar tables to bathrooms, we’ll make sure everything is sparkling for your next big event.

Pre & After Event Cleaning Service Checklist:

  • Remove all rubbish – Sanitizing bathroom and toilet facilities.
  • Thoroughly cleaning kitchen surfaces.
  • Cleaning fronts of cupboards.
  • Work-tops and sinks, window sills, mirrors.
  • Vacuuming and washing of hard floors.

We will also help with other after-party cleaning matters upon request.

Our Desire:

Max Outsourcing also provide deep cleaning services like scrubbing bathrooms and kitchens down to the grout lines.Our professional cleaners are trained to handle any type of mess including spilled drinks on floors or carpets, broken glassware, food stains on furniture/carpet/walls (including grease), vomit (yes we can even get rid of that smell!), cigarette butts & ashes, pet hair/dander…the list goes on! If it needs to be cleaned – we got it covered!


The party is over and the cleanup begins. As a professional event cleaner, Max Outsourcing understands that every celebration has its own set of challenges, but our team solves them all with speed and efficiency. Whether you’re hosting an intimate group or a large-scale conference, we have the right cleaning solution for your business needs. Contact us today to see how we can help you clean up after your next big event!

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You can clean up your house after a party with a broom and a dustpan, or you can hire a professional cleaning crew to take care of this for you. For outdoor parties, you can use the services of a cleaning company that specializes in outdoor cleaning.

Clean up a party, wedding, or event by hiring a DJ or event planner. They’ll handle everything, from making sure the venue is clean and comfortable, to booking entertainment. If you prefer to do it yourself, you can clean up your own party or event by renting a cleaning service.

Cleaning is necessary for events like weddings, parties, and graduations because it helps remove all dust, dirt, and stains that can be left behind. This helps prevent damage to the decorations, and also prevents damage to the flooring. You should clean your venue prior to your event, to ensure that there’s no dust or debris that might cause damage.

After a party, you can easily clean the floor using a soft brush, or sweep. In case you don’t have a broom, you can use a cloth or a rag and some water to wipe up the mess.

The floor should be cleaned properly before making it non-sticky. To clean your floor properly, you should wipe it down with a damp mop and let it dry naturally.

If it’s really stuck, you can use an abrasive product like an emery board or a diamond scouring pad to get it loose. If this fails, you should get in touch with a professional cleaning company.