Floor cleaning & polishing service in Dhaka

Floor cleaning & polishing service in Dhaka

Max Outsourcing provides floor polishing services all over Bangladesh, especially in Dhaka. Max Outsourcing has a team of skilled manpower. We always provide quality work at the lowest possible price. We always try our best to satisfy the customer through our service.

Floor Polishing Service in Bangladesh:

Max Outsourcing is the leading provider of floor polishing services in Bangladesh. Max Outsourcing Cleaning Agency provides professional grinding, polishing, repair, and maintenance services to meet your needs and preferences. Max Outsourcing team is well trained and experienced in different types of floor polishing, such as stone polishing, polishing the wood floors, polishing lacquered wood floors, re-oiling wood floors, diamond polishing, granite polishing, and cleaning. Over time, despite regular cleaning, a layer of dirt will form on the floor. It is usually dirt mixed with water and dried on the floor. Let us take care of it so you can get back to doing what you love most – running your business! And we guarantee our work, so if there are any issues after the job is done just let us know and we’ll come right back out to fix it free of charge. We are firmly committed to providing world-class cleaning, maintenance, and residential & commercial floor polishing services in Bangladesh.

Floor Polishing Service in Bangladesh

List of materials and Equipment included:

A polish will keep your floors looking great. The right care can really protect the integrity of a floor, but it also makes them stand out and look amazing for all those who pass by or enter through its portals! 

If you are in need of Polishing your floors, Max Outsourcing is here to provide This service. We offer various types and styles for all home or office needs from stone polishing to wood refinishing services that will leave your floors looking pristine again! Let us sit down with you so we may provide free estimates on services as well as explain how our process works best suited towards meeting those needs.

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Floor Polishing Service in Dhaka

We follow these steps to polish the floor:

  • Sweep away visible debris to remove large particles from the floor surface
  • We Use a semi-acidic floor cleaner or mix vinegar with water to neutralize and dissolve any remaining salt residue. We Follow The product’s instructions for dilution ratios.
  • Once the salt residue is suspended in the cleaner, We use a mop to absorb the liquid.
  • If your floor’s finish has been damaged, Our Cleaner uses a stripper solution to cleanly remove it. We Use floor fans and open windows to improve ventilation when working with harsh chemicals.
  • Mop the floor again with clean water to remove any lingering chemicals from the cleaner and stripping solution.
  • We will dry the floor completely.

Finally, apply two coats of sealing and a few fresh coats of finish for a floor that looks as good as new.

We have different types of floor polishing service:

PVC Floor Polishing Service: By keeping our sync with the growths taking place in business, we are immersed and able to present PVC Floor Cleaning Services. Delivered under direction from skillful executives of trained employees who work for Max Outsourcing; these services have become highly sought after by customers due to their affordability and reliability which makes them very popular among clients as well.

Italian Marble Floor Polishing Service: We are an old and reputable firm, known for providing Italian Floor Polishing Services. We have a team that’s professional in every way as they ensure promptness to our customers with reliable service!

Tiles and Grout Floor Polishing Service: We use the most advanced techniques to get your tiles looking as good as new. Whether you need a kitchen or bathroom cleaning, we can do it! You won’t have any more black grime on your toilet seats after our team finishes cleaning for you too

We are proud of all work done by us in various industries like Pipeline’s salt banks Cleaning and office floor care services which is why customers keep coming back again and again.

Marble Diamond Polishing Service: The diamond polishing pads are the ideal way to polish any type of stone, including granite and marble. We offer a complete line for all your needs! A brilliant shine is just one call away.

Wooden Floor Polishing Service: We are not just your average floor polisher. We offer a quality service to both residential and commercial areas with our innovative wooden floors, available in many different styles for every room type! With sincerity from highly experienced professionals who have been trained on how best to meet the demands set by industry norms; they’ll take care of all aspects so you can focus on what matters most: family time or business pursuits?

Consider These Facts Before Selecting One or More Companies For Each Location:

  1. Each business enterprise offers its own renovation packages that could be better or worse for your place. So it’s important to choose the right package before you commit!
  2. Some enterprises specialize in the use of extraordinary merchandise on your floor. These products and techniques affect how it looks, with some having a high gloss finish while others will give you that matte look
  3. Many homeowners choose to use a diamond pad on every occasion they place a tile, while others opt for an end-layer sealer. One group will wear several layers of concrete as each pass is made; the other can create these final pieces right in your flooring!
  4. Scheduling and managing the different people who maintain your floors can be a hassle. What I recommend is to use one company for all of these services, as you’ll save money in the long run by not having multiple invoices sent out monthly or quarterly. This will also ensure that every aspect receives equal attention from their business partner.

The Benefits of Floor polishing:

  • Customizable.
  • Ease Of Maintenance.
  • resistant to foot traffic.
  • Increased Slip Resistance.
  • Increase customer confidence. 
  • Convenient and cost-effective.
  • Aids in maintaining cleanliness.
  • clean and safe look all year round.
  • Improved Reflectivity and Natural Lighting.
  • Improve floor appearance via floor polishing.
  • Use the right equipment and avoid damage.

A professional floor polishing service can make your wood, concrete, or marble-type floors look more presentable for customers and clients. It is a great way to prolong the life span in addition to making them much easier to clean than if you didn’t have this type of maintenance done regularly!

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Why Choose Us?

Max Outsourcing is the best floor polishing company in Bangladesh. Our services include waxing, buffing, and stripping floors. We also offer power washing of driveways and walkways. All our technicians are trained professionals with years of experience under their belts. They will ensure that your floors look great when they leave!


Max Outsourcing provides a professional and reliable floor polishing service in Bangladesh. Our services are available to both residential and commercial customers. A professional floor polishing service makes your floors look new again.


Max Outsourcing is one of the trusted names in the floor polishing service in Bangladesh. Our team is committed to providing quality work and customer satisfaction. Call us today for a free estimate! At Elevate Services, we take pride in our commitment to excellence when it comes to delivering high-quality services at an affordable price. That’s why you can count on Max Outsourcing for all your floor polishing needs whether you need commercial or residential cleaning done by experts who know what they’re doing. Contact us now if you would like our help with any project big or small because nobody cleans floors better than we do!

CONTACT US: +88 01911 895354

ADDRESS: Uttara office: House – 79, Road – 19, Sector – 14, Uttara, Dhaka


Floor polishing does several things. It removes scratches, grime, and dirt from the floor and makes it look new. It also cleans up spills and stains and provides a fresh feel for visitors. This is why floor polishing is often done on a regular basis, especially for business offices and homes that get a lot of traffic.

The best chemical to use for floor polishing is a compound called Synthroid. It has a fine finish and is resistant to wear and scratching. Also, you can easily remove it by rinsing it off with water.

For polishing, you can use several products and techniques. The most common way to polish is to use sandpaper and buffing machines, although this requires a lot of time and patience. Another method is to use a buffing machine with a pad and a rag. If you want a professional look, then you can use a laminate finish.

There are two main differences between buffing and polishing. First, buffing is a chemical process where you rub the surface of the stone with a cloth and abrasive material. This helps remove the scratches on the surface of the stone. On the other hand, polishing is a mechanical process where you use a machine with diamond sand to polish the surface of the stone.

The best way to polish a concrete floor is by using a concrete floor polisher. These machines remove the dust, dirt, and grime from the floor, and leave it smooth and shiny.

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