General and deep cleaning best quality services in Dhaka

Max Outsourcing is a professional cleaning company in Dhaka and all over Bangladesh. We provide General and deep cleaning best quality services in Dhaka : services for residential, commercial properties as well as industrial facilities.

General and deep cleanning service in dhaka :

You’re busy and your home needs a cleaning service? Max Outsourcing will work with you to identify your budget and priorities to ensure your house clean always meets your requirements and exceeds your expectations. General and deep cleaning is a critical element of any work environment. Whether you are looking to maintain your office, property, or home’s cleanliness or want to keep up with the latest health codes, general and deep cleaning is necessary. For those seeking quality service in Dhaka, Bangladesh, Max Outsourcing  offer an extensive range of services including but not limited to: carpet washing; window washing; floor mopping; oven cleaning; refrigerator deodorizing (stovetop deodorization); kitchen cabinet disinfecting (interior surface sanitizing) and more. Contact us today for a free consultation on how we can best serve you!

General and deep cleanning service in dhaka


“This is what people do on a regular basis, be it daily or weekly to maintain the level of cleanliness. Simply put, this process consists in tidying up an entire area (not just one specific spot) by removing dust and dirt from furniture; scrubbing kitchen surfaces thoroughly with soap solution before wiping them down.”  “The overall cleaning uses multi-purpose cleaners that can handle both grease stains as well as stubborn spots like those found along with stove hoods while using water at different levels depending upon how big your space might actually be so you don’t overdo things since. The overall cleaning uses a mixture of multi-purpose cleaner and water.

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Commercial Cleaning Service in Dhaka

General Cleaning includes

Wiping surfaces on an immediate visual level (ceiling, countertops, cabinet and refrigerator exteriors, etc). Sweeping or vacuuming floors and mopping them, 

Soap wash of bathroom and kitchen tiles:

  •  Making the bed
  • Tidying up / putting things in order within the rooms
  • Wiping windows, mirrors, and glass

Equipment and materials used:

  • Broom and dustpan or vacuum
  • Mop
  • Wash clothes (Bashan)
  • water
  • Sponges, squeegees, and multipurpose cleaner spray 
  • Furniture polish
  • Dishwashing liquid & Stain remover
Professional deep cleaning services

What dose deep cleaning mane and how can we help you?

In a pandemic era, cleaning has been pertinent to ensuring the stop of virus spread. Unfortunately, we know that merely “cleaning spaces” isn’t enough; regular deep cleanings are also required if you want your home or business space safe from bacteria and viruses!

If you want your home to be clean and bacteria-free, regular general house cleaning is not enough. That’s why deep cleaning services at least once per month or every 3 months are needed for more intensive conditions that can’t be handled with a routine monthly session alone! In addition, we’ll reach all those hard-to-reach spaces where dirt has been building up over time. Specialty equipment makes sure everything gets done quickly without damaging surfaces in any way whatsoever–so it won’t take longer than usual when this type of work goes on as well. A professional tone should convey professionalism.


Living Room & Bedroom:

  • You will always feel refreshed and ready to go when we are done cleaning your house, because our team goes above-and-beyond in making sure that all of the reachable surfaces including shelves, counters or anything else you can think about get dusted. We even clean all those hard places like high ledges so there’s no dirt hiding up on top!
  • The upholstery and curtains are dusted. The sheets and pillow cases are changed. 
  • All cabinets are dusted and wiped from the inside after their contents have been removed. Once this cleaning is done, everything that was in there gets put back into place! 
  • All interior windows and grills are cleaned with any stains removed.
  • The house is spotless. All surfaces have been dusted and wiped with a cloth or vacuumed to remove any dirt, dust bunnies that could be hiding in hard-to-reach places like behind furniture on high shelves and wardrobes!
  • All floors are vacuumed and mopped. Room corners, areas behind or under furniture as well makes it a point to clean those too!
  • All furniture, including the sofa and coffee table are spotless. The AC grills/vents on each side of the room have been polished to perfection as well
  • All trash cans and bins are emptied and the bin liner is changed.
  • All sofas, upholstery and curtains are dusted. We’ve been on a mission to keep this place looking good for you!
  • The house is cleaned from top to bottom. Every inch of it, even the most hidden places in your home are spotless and free from dirt or dust!


  • All cabinets are dusted and wiped from the inside after all of their contents have been removed. Once this cleaning process is complete, everything should be put back in its place with any stains gone for good!
  • The house is cleaned with a high-quality vacuum and mop. Even corners, furniture underrugs such as sinks or washing machines are scrubbed clean by our staff members!
  • Our house cleaners are pros at cleaning up after you! They’ll vacuum and mop every room in your home, no matter how tiny or messy it may be. Just give them access to the keys; they know what needs done – including scrubbing away any pesky stains that have been hiding under furniture for years (you don’t want those showing now do ya?).
  • Your oven and microwave are cleaned from the inside, too? That’s fantastic! It will be so easy to cook with a clean machine.
  • The cleaning process begins with stains or food remnants being removed.
  • The house is always shining! The windowsill and grill are cleaned to perfection.
  • All trash cans are emptied and the bin liner changed. They will also do dishes, scrub sinks, faucets- anything in need!  


  • All cabinets are dusted and wiped from the inside after the contents have been removed. Once the cleaning is done, all items are placed back into the cabinets. Stains are also removed.
  • All surfaces are cleaned, including countertops and shelves. Walls of the shower stall are also wiped down to ensure that everything is shiny and clean!
  • The bathroom is scrubbed and cleaned from top to bottom. The floor, sink, bathtub/bidet combo (if present), shower head taps or other fixtures such as mirror can be washed by hand while the toilet should only require light cleaning due its porcelain material that won’t scratch easily unlike metal counterparts; however stains may not come out completely so do your best!
  • The floors are always spotless, and the house is sprinkled with an extra dose of cleanliness. All stain removal services are provided from mopping to vacuuming; even those hard-to reach spots under sinks or washing machines will be dealt with efficiently by our professionals!


  • The staff members on duty are meticulous about cleaning the balcony furniture. They dust it and wipe down any stains before removing them with care, to make sure that you can enjoy your time in peace without worry or stress!
  • The floor is swept and mopped. Even all corners and floors under the furniture are cleaned.
  • Balcony railings are dusted and wiped down.

Garden/external area: 

  • All lawn furniture is dusted and wiped down, stains are removed.
Floor Polishing Service in Bangladesh

List of materials and Equipment included:

  • Bucket,Vacuum cleaner, Microfiber cloths, Duster, Rags, Toilet brush, 
  • Brushes (for floor / surfaces), Squeegee / wiper (for floors),Sponges.
The cleaners will use a full array of cleaning materials at their disposal, such as:
  • Glass cleaner, Furniture polish, Surface cleaner/multipurpose cleaner spray
  • Disinfectant, Floor cleaner/detergent, Stain remover, Bin liners, Dishwash liquid.

Physical Health Benefits:

  • Less Allergies
  • Less Germ Related Illnesses
  • More Physical Activity
  • Better Sleep

Mental Health Benefits:

  • More Peace and Less Stress
  • A Sense of Accomplishment
  • Confidence Boost

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Max Outsourcing provides a professional and reliable GENERAL AND DEEP CLEANING service. Our services are available to both residential and commercial customers.


You can trust Max Outsourcing with all of your home or office needs because we always go above and beyond for our customers. Call us today so that one of our friendly team members can schedule an appointment at your convenience! You won’t be disappointed when you choose Max Outsourcing as your preferred cleaner. And if you have any questions or concerns about our process, just ask – we love talking about it!


Max Outsourcing offers affordable, high-quality housekeeping services that can help you get organized at home or work. Our staff includes expert cleaners with years of experience who provide thorough cleaning on every visit so you don’t have to worry about doing it yourself anymore! We also offer professional organizing services if you need help getting started decluttering your space. All our employees go through background checks and reference checks before they start working with us so we know they’re trustworthy people who won’t cause any damage to your property while they’re there.

CONTACT US: +88 01911 895354

ADDRESS: Uttara office: House – 79, Road – 19, Sector – 14, Uttara, Dhaka


A deep cleaning is a thorough cleaning that gets down into the nooks and crannies of a home. This can include cleaning the oven, refrigerator, washing machine, and other appliances. It can also include cleaning the bathroom, kitchen, living room, and other areas of a home.

Deep cleaning is a specialized service used to remove dirt, dust, and grime from floors, walls, ceilings, and furniture. General cleaning, on the other hand, is a standard service that can be performed by any company.

It depends on the size of the house, but it could take anywhere from an hour to three hours.

A good deep cleaning takes anywhere from 8 to 12 hours, depending on the size of the house and the amount of work you’re doing. Some jobs may take less time than others, so it’s best to give yourself at least 10 hours.

Steam cleaning is the best option for deep cleaning a house. Using steam to clean carpets, upholstery, and hard surfaces will not only remove dirt and dust, but it will also kill bacteria, mites, and mold that may have taken hold in the carpet fibers.

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