Diseases Spread by Cockroaches

Cockroach Control Service in Dhaka

Cockroaches, the most common pests, are known to invade the house of any person who is careless enough to let them in. The cockroach is not only dangerous to human life, but also to household items. Therefore, cockroach control services in Dhaka are highly essential.

Insects are the most annoying creatures in the house. Cockroaches are the most common insects that inhabit the house of anyone. Cockroach control services in Dhaka are a crucial part of pest control because they are one of the most dangerous pests for your house. The cockroach is the only insect that can survive in almost all places of the house. If you fail to control them, they will destroy everything in the house. The cockroach has been known to make your house dirty and infested with a lot of bacteria. Cockroaches can be dangerous to human life because they can spread diseases like typhoid, dengue fever, and cholera.

Cockroach Control Methods

There are a lot of methods to kill cockroaches, but I have listed some of the most effective methods below:

Natural Cockroach Control

Most people will choose natural cockroach control techniques for their homes. You can use natural ways to control cockroaches like:

Boiling water

Boiling water is one of the best ways to eliminate cockroaches from the house. You can put water into a pot and boil it for about ten to fifteen minutes. Then you can pour it into the cracks in the wall and ceiling of your house.

Use of pesticides

You can buy a cockroach spray, which is made up of some harmful chemicals. This pesticide will make your house free from cockroaches.

Spraying the house

If you have found a cockroach in your house then you can spray the entire house with some cockroach spray.


Garlic is one of the most effective natural methods to kill cockroaches. You can place a piece of garlic into a bowl of water and keep it overnight. In the morning, you can find dead cockroaches in the bowl.

Spraying the walls

If you have found a cockroach in your house, you can spray the walls of the house with some cockroach spray.

Using cockroach bait

If you have found a cockroach in your house, you can place a bowl of bait in the corner of the room.


Fumigation is one of the most effective methods to control cockroaches. You can use a fumigation device to get rid of cockroaches.


All the mentioned methods are effective to get rid of cockroaches. But I would suggest you use natural cockroach control methods. Natural cockroach control methods are much better than other methods. You can get rid of cockroaches from your house using natural cockroach control methods. If you find any other method, then you can use it

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