What is a facility management system?

Facility management is the process of managing a facility to ensure that it operates efficiently and effectively. FM integrates people, processes & places with technology in order to improve an organization’s productivity while also improving the quality of employees’ lives.

Facility managers have many responsibilities including maintaining assets & systems within their own jurisdiction while making sure these operate seamlessly together without any conflicts or disruptions.

What are the main categories of facility management? 

There are four main categories of facility management: operations and maintenance, janitorial and housekeeping, security, and event management. Each category encompasses a range of activities and services necessary to keep a facility running smoothly. 

Facility management scope

Facility management scope includes the following services.

  • Mailroom
  • Reprographic Services
  • Landscaping
  • Horticulture
  • Cleaning & Janitorial services
  • Pantry services
  • Food services or cafeteria support
  • Reception services
  • Pest control
  • Transport
  • Concierge
  • Archival
  • Energy Management
  • Plumbing & Sewerage
  • Transition Managemen
  • Procurement services
  • Helpdesk Services
  • Move management
  • Maintenance Services
  • Heating, Ventilation & Air-Conditioning Services
  • Electrical System
  • Fire Protection
  • Lifts & Escalators
  • Security & Safety
  • Parking Management
  • Minor Projects
  • Store management
  • Benchmarking
  • Waste Management
  • Health & Safety
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The key skills of a facility manager 

A facility manager is responsible for the maintenance and upkeep of a facility. They ensure that the facility is clean, safe, and functioning properly. A facility manager must have strong communication and organizational skills in order to effectively manage the staff and resources of a facility. Additionally, they must be able to handle multiple tasks simultaneously and be able to adapt to changing demands.

Some of the key skills of a facility manager include:

– Strong communication and organizational skills

– The ability to handle multiple tasks simultaneously

– The ability to adapt to changing demands

– Strong problem-solving and decision-making skills

– The ability to develop and implement policies and procedures

– Strong leadership and management skills

– The ability to budget and manage finances

– Strong customer service skills

– The ability to maintain records and documentation

– The ability to use computers and other technology

– The ability to operate machinery and equipment

– Strong safety and security skills

– The ability to troubleshoot and resolve problems

– The ability to promote a positive work environment

– The ability to negotiate and resolve conflict

– The ability to plan and oversee projects

– Strong attention to detail

– The ability to work independently or as part of a team

– The ability to work well under pressure

– The ability to meet deadlines

A facility manager must have a wide range of skills in order to be successful in their role. They must be able to effectively communicate and organize the staff and resources of a facility. Additionally, they must be adaptable to changing demands, have strong problem-solving and decision-making skills, and be able to develop and implement policies and procedures.


Why Is Facilities Management Important? 

The role of facilities management has become increasingly important in recent years, as businesses have come to recognize the importance of maintaining a well-managed and efficient workplace. Facilities management encompasses a wide range of activities, from ensuring that buildings are properly maintained and repaired, to providing support services such as cleaning and security.

An effective facilities management team can help to improve a company’s bottom line by reducing operating costs and increasing productivity. In addition, well-managed facilities can provide a safer and more comfortable working environment for employees, which can help to attract and retain talent.

Key Benefits of Facilities Management

Facility management software is crucial to the day-to-day operations of any business. The robust platforms offer a range of features that help facilitate tasks necessary for supporting your brand at all hours, while also providing strategic insights into maintenance costs and resource allocation with improved visibility on work order tracking among other perks!

The most important benefit is the ability to manage and control costs associated with running a facility. Other benefits include:

-Improved communication and coordination between different departments within a facility

-The ability to track and monitor maintenance and repair requests

-A reduction in the amount of time and money spent on managing inventory

-The ability to create a more efficient work environment

-Improved customer service and satisfaction levels

Overall, a facilities management software system can save a company time and money while improving the quality of service they provide to their customers.


Facilities management functions

Facilities management functions include maintaining the condition of buildings and their systems, providing services such as security and janitorial work, and managing projects such as renovations.

The goal of facilities management is to ensure that buildings and their systems are well-maintained and operate smoothly. This can involve coordinating the work of various contractors, overseeing the maintenance of equipment, and dealing with emergencies.

Facilities management is a vital part of many businesses, as it can help to improve the working environment and make sure that buildings are safe and comfortable for employees. It can also save money by ensuring that repairs are carried out quickly and efficiently.


Facility management is one of the most important aspects for any company to have in order to maintain its facilities, productivity, and employee morale. Without it, you will suffer from maintenance issues which can lead down a path towards low sales as well with no customers coming into your establishment. Max Outsourcing provides world-class facility services that are sure to guarantee maximum success so contact them today.

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