Man Power Service

Skilled laborers are the ones who possess a certain skill that they have learned through training or experience and Non-skilled laborers are those who don’t possess any special skills or talents and usually work in a common field that doesn’t require any skills. Here at Max Enterprise, we provide both skill & unskill manpower supply in Bangladesh

The most common reason companies don’t hire from the outside is they are scared of the unknown. That’s natural. You see, when you hire someone from the outside, you are taking on a bit of risk. But if you carefully screen the individual and give him or her a fair chance, you should have no problems at all. And remember this: Almost always, when you do choose to hire someone from the outside, you will get a much more skilled worker than what you could have built up from within your own organization. This is because experienced workers learn very quickly the shortcuts and flaws of the work processes within their own organizations.


Cleaner/ Housekeeper Supply

Security grades supply

Security Guard Supply

Electrician Supply

Electrician Supply

AC Technician Supply Company in Dhaka

AC Technician Supply

Office Boy

Office Boy Supply

Skill & Unskilled Manpower Supply

Skill & Unskilled Manpower Supply

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